Bali Coffee is a famous agriculture products that can be planted throughout the island. It is become one of the top commodities that be consumed in the island as well as exported to other countries. Coffee Plantations are easily found in Bali where most of the tourists want to visit and trial several coffees that Bali has.  Luwak Coffee (Civet Palm Cat Coffee) is the world’s most expensive coffee and famous among the tourists who are being on vacation in this island. It is because of the uncommon method for coffee production through civet droppings. Luwak Coffee has been produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by “Luwak” (Civet Palm Cat). The uncommon making process make this coffee also famous as “Cat Poop Coffee or Civet Cat Coffee”.  Hence, this place is become famous and appointed as one of tourist destinations in Bali Island that recommended to visit.

Bali also has a lot of coffee plantation that really interesting to visit along the trip throughout the island. The Coffee plantation areas are commonly set in the tranquility of village surrounded by the green lush tropical garden where tropical trees including cacao plantations thrives around this area. You will discover the variety of Coffee plantations includes Arabic, Robust and Bali Coffee. Moreover, your experience will be extended to see the coffee dried under the sun and placed in a small bucket that will increase your knowledge about Bali Coffee Plantations. Furthermore, there are several Luwak (Civet Palm Cat) promptly cared in this area to produce the Luwak Coffee, the most expensive coffees in the world.

Generally, The Luwak Coffee plantation will be divided into 3 areas. These are Coffee farm with herbs plantations includes cocoa tree, Luwak (Civet Cat) area, and the rest area to test several Bali coffees. Luwak coffee is actually produced by Civet Palm Cat where this animal will select the good quality coffee bean from the coffee trees. During the coffee beans are in mongoose’s stomach, there will be a process of fermentation to produce a good coffee flavor. It’s bean will be dried under the sun and afterward move to a wooden mortar and pounded with a pestle to make the coffee bean skin peeling. After that, the Luwak Coffee beans are ready to be roasted. Moreover, you have a chance this traditional method of making Luwak Coffee to add your lovely tour experiences. The best coffee bean for making tasty Luwak Coffee is made from Arabic coffee bean.